Saturday, 27 September 2008

Neck Tube

The neck has been a bit of a problem for me for a while, and reading the forums I knew that it would be an issue. The original diameter was 5 1/4". There is a couple of stories of what the neck material is on the hero prop...

The usual one the you hear is that is a style of ducting tubing.

The second, and more recent that I have heard, is that it was a rubber gaiter from a tractor. This is a quote from a recent post on the Doctor Who Prop Builder Guild... Thanks Phil!

"I was talking to Matt Irvine at the NSC a couple of months ago and he said the original prop used a gaiter from an old tractor or bit of agricultural equipment - he wasn't sure which as he didn't build the original prop." - Phil

Knowing that they used a Mini steering boot for the tail bushing, it is very possible that the latter is true. However, the former is easier to get hold of... At least for now...
I headed off to the Purple Pig (a place in Hobart that probably sells the largest range of hoses) and bought a half meter length of rubberised ducting tubing that the guy at the shop thought was the closest to my reference images.
Sadly it is only 5" in diameter because they have stopped making the 5 1/4" ones many years ago, but that 1/4" shouldn't make too much difference. The chap ended up giving my a trade discount because he liked the idea of the build so much! :-D
A big thanks to Sarah for holding the tube during the photos!

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