Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I haven't posted for a while now, not because I haven't done anything to my K-9, or done anything Dr.Whoey, but I have been distracted by other things that have taken some time from the build and posting... Here are some of the works that have distracted me...

My doll is made of copper wire, piano wire and clay for the
Totem exhibition 24 Sep - 13 Nov at the Fractures Gallery, Federations Square, Melbourne.

I also have a couple pieces in the GLC exhibition 19 Sep - 2 Oct at the Moonah Arts Centre. I managed to sell the photo on opening night :-)

Touching the Well

Image Details:
Digital photograph (Sony α 100, f/5.0, ISO 400, focal length: 30.0mm, hand-held, unflashed), printed on archival professional photographic paper, digitally laminated and block-mounted.

Artist’s Statement:
In this image, a smooth, delicate and feminie hand reaches out, seeking something within the moving, dark water. Hands are important in the sharing of love: literally, in terms of sensuality and touch and symbolically, in the display of commitment and marriage (i do).
Hands are also used to worship, to pray and to display reverence. People raise their hands to God and count beads with their fingers as they pray. Holding the hand of a loved one can be a type of worship (idol).
Hands have always been, like faces, an important way to identify someone. We each have unique handprints, handwriting and artistic/creative style (i.d.).

Homo gynoides sp.

Artist’s Statement:
Technology is a mask that veils our true selves from the modern world. Though technology is meant to help us in our every day lives, increase our senses and stimulate us, instead it forms a barrier reducing our social interaction and awareness of our surroundings.

The mask has had putty to reshape it, an additional head section put in using card and papier-mâché, it has been strengthened using papier-mâché, had electronic components (mostly from old hard-drives and CD drives) glued, screwed and hacked into her face, and some wire added. The black is a back gesso primer.

Dry brushed. This is a two coat dry brush, the first is using Jo Sonja's Rose Gold metallic paint, and then the second is the Rose Gold mixed with equal parts with Chroma Cadmium Red to produce a more vivid red.

Varnished using a satin artist's varnish and wires added. The eyes have been fixed in and battery pack soldered. The front of the battery pack has got a layer of red holographic tape over it that shines through the mouth to create "teeth".

And finally... The mask with its lights on!

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