Thursday, 7 July 2011

Snow K-9

For all my readers who are having snow, like in Tasmania, I thought I would present a very inspirational snow K-9, make by Paul Edwards. For the readers in summer, perhaps it will help you think of cool days?


Yet another one of them silly days, my daughter is off college and wanted to do something in the garden. Obviously today was different, it was full of snow, so no more computer for a while. My last attempt was a polar bear of sorts, so for my next attempt I looked for something completely different. My daughter likes Dr Who, so I gave it a little bit of thought and decided  to have a go at Dr Who's dog K-9.
It is starting to take shape, looking a bit like K-9.
Good Dog, K-9 finally finished.
Paul Edwards giving K-9 a pat for being a good dog.
 Once I had finished, someone decided to let our dog out, who promptly attacked K-9 and decided to pee all over the other side. After a few adjustments all is well again. Now just got to find of way of stopping our dog attacking it again.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Lego K-9

I am always amazed at the care and creativity people put into their K-9's, what ever they happen to be made of.

This one is made from lego and is by Lego_Joe. Fantastic!


K-9 from Doctor Who... made out of Lego. He moves, his eyes light up, his tail wags, his head moves up and down and he fires his nose laser.