Sunday, 30 October 2011

Referenece Images

It is always good to have more reference images when you are building a prop.  Here are some I stumbled on from RPF, post up by Dano.


Notice the bumpers have been changed by Matt Irvine to square ones.

Matt Irvine has replaced the screws in the head with rivets.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

K-9 Merchandise

The K-9 Official Site has announced that there is to be some official merchandise released. This includes...


This Hardback book is in Full Colour featuring the story of K-9; from his travels in Time and Space with Doctor Who to appearing in his very own series. Featuring anecdotes from many of the people involved with K-9 over the years this is a must have volume that features exclusive never seen before designs, photos and behind the scenes stories.


Join K-9 and his friends in this full colour book featuring short stories, behind the scenes features, comic strips and Monster mayhem!.
Release Date September 2011 (still not released).


Details and Image to be announced very soon!

None of the items have been released yet, even though this announcement was from July.  I am especially looking forward to 'The Complete Book of K-9'. However, from the Official K-9 Facebook Page I can reveal what the figurine will look like.
Prototype model displayed at the San Diego Comic Convention in the USA. (21 July 2011)
In a toy factory in China... (12 October 2011)