Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Robot dog set for starring role


CentrStage is gearing up for a Dr Who-themed play in Launceston this week.

Evolutionary scientists believe the humble dog may have been the first domesticated animal on the planet.

Picture: “Russell”, played by Chris Jackson, and Who Knows director David Quinn pose with their new-found robotic friend, K9.
Humans and canines are believed to have first joined forces more than 10,000 years ago, and the relationship has been so successful that the dog has been dubbed “man’s best friend”.

But the dog of the future may be more along the aluminium-plated lines of the star of CentrStage’s upcoming comedy, Who Knows.

The Dr Who-themed play features the title character’s constant companion, the robot dog, K9.
Who Knows director David Quinn has already formed a strong bond with K9, who will be performing in the show from 7pm at the Annexe Theatre at Inveresk, from Wednesday, September 28 to Saturday, October 1, with a matinee at 11am on Friday, September 30.

Quinn has praised both the cast and the technical crew who have brought K9 and the rest of the Dr Who world to life.

Along with the antenna-eared K9, technical staff have also sourced or built from scratch a range of other Dr Who props, including a TARDIS, Daleks and a time travel computer.

“When it all was put together, it was fantastic. When you see it under light, it looks amazing,” Quinn said, while throwing an affectionate arm around K9.

“The people that have put so much work into it have really kicked it up a notch.

“We even have a Dalek; we’ve nicknamed him Jerry.”

Quinn said the show, while technically complex, was coming together well.

“Everyone has stepped up to the mark and we are going to have a fantastic looking show as a result,” Quinn said.

Who Knows, is being performed by CentrStage, from 7pm at the Annexe Theatre at Inveresk, from September 28 to October 1, with a matinee at 11am on September 30.

Tickets are available through the Princess Theatre on (03) 6323 3666.

LISTEN to an earlier interview with David Quinn about Who Knows here:

Published on: 27 Sep 2011 3:42pm