Monday, 29 September 2008


I have noticed that the collar tartan does change between stories, but using stills from the story, Invasion of Time, I have been able to match at least one collar tartan to the Buchanan Modern Tartan. I have, however, noticed that the Ancient version of the tartan is used in several other versions of the collar. I am not sure if other tartans are used, people with a Scottish/ Celtic background could tell me better, but that is what I have noticed. Also sometimes the collars look faded on the outside, but you can tell the original tartan must have been brighter by looking at the rim and inner part of the collar.
With that information, and tracking down a little shop in NSW (Scottish Accessories Shop, Croydon) that sells tartans, I bought a tartan scarf that I will use for the collar. The scarf is such a lovely woolen fabric I dread to cut it!!

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