Thursday, 3 February 2011

K-9 Head, take 3, day 7

It was the next day and I was set on the right track.  So the photo below now, it is looking a bit more like Dave's plans.  I marked the back and where the sides and top were., then cut it out as per instruction and glued it, but I had not glued the sides yet.

I used a clamp to hold it on the top part.  It was actually hard to get the curve, but bending the 1mm strene a few times it took the shape.

Once the glue had cured, it was ready for the next stage.  However, it was still very hard to finish off the side skin with the styrene.  When I glued it wasn't right.  I felt that a top part was required now for the sides to take the proper shape.  So that's what I was going to do so that the other side at least would be easier to do and also wouldn't have to be fixed up.

This is a view of the back with the back and side skins on.  The curve of the side skin doesn't look quite right to me.

From the side view. I am not liking the crease the skin has. I hope I can get it out with a bit of bog and sanding...
To make the top piece I printed out the top panel from the Lespaceplie K-9 Plans. I then glued the printed paper pattern it to a 1mm styrene sheet and then cut it out.  I then measured it against the head I had and trimmed it down slightly to fit, then glue it into place.

With the top panel on, I could star gluing the other side skin.  It seemed to glue one much easier than the other side and tape the shape a lot better.

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