Wednesday, 2 February 2011

K-9 Head, take 3, day 6

Always worrying what kids can do to a prop when it is around them, I have decided to reinforce the head using fiberglass resin. I have used a plaster's tape, with has an open weave and a sticky side to do the initial reinforcement.  The plaster's tape provides more control than regular glass mat, especially in those tight places.

Below is a close up of the reinforced joints.

Now I am trying to skin the side of the head with 1mm styrene. WARNING: THIS IS NOT THE NEXT STEP YOU SHOULD DO!!!! I stuffed up, I admit it!  I accidentally got my instructions mixed up because they were not stapled together. So this is what I think the next bit should be:

  1. Skin the bottom and back of the head, as per Page 8 of Dave Everett's instructions.
  2. Add a top section that covers the Inner Bezels and glues to the top of the Back Support Bulkhead (this is a divergent bit from the instructions).
  3. Skin the sides of the head, as per Page 11 of Dave Everett's instructions.

However, I am blogging what I did, so here it is in order...

I glued the front half of the head to the 1mm styrene sheet.

I used a LOT of masking tape and also clamps to keep the styrene to the edges of the head frame.

As one part of the clue cured I moved on further.  As the tape was rather tight it would unstick sometimes so I used smaller clamps on the other side to hole the tape under the correct tension.

There were one or two points that needed a bit more glue, but by the end of the day I had a gap at the back, but I didn't know how to attach it to the sides!  I needed that back piece that skinned the underside and the back for this to attach to. (Thanks Dave for showing me that I got things the wrong way round). :-)

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