Thursday, 27 January 2011

K-9 Head, take 3, day 3

I am trying to take each step carefully, allowing a few hours for the glue to cure and harden prior to adding another part.

The parts with the glue cured, and ready for more!

In the part below, you can see that I have scored the sides of the Bezel Inner. This is because later that section will have to be removed. It is far easier to score a part on a desk then trying to do it on a prop. :)

Bezel Inner glued to the first two Side Supports. I used a set square to keep the angles at 90°.

I diverge slightly from Dave's instructions here, opting to glue the Bezel Inner to the back of the head (Internal Rear Left/Right), the top of the nose to the front (Head Gun Inner Face), and then join the parts together. This way you know what angle that intersecting glue joint needs to be.

Bezel Inner and Head Gun Inner Face glued together with masking tape and supports removed.

Tomorrow, the neck support and additional head supports. I will probably also add a little glue in areas that need strengthening too. If you ever do this, make sure you only do small sections at a time - if a part is under tension, it may unseal the joint, or make it soft, and you will find that all your hard work is misshapen!

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