Friday, 27 June 2008

Wiper motors

I finally found a place that sells wiper motors in Hobart that have a long shaft! Yeah! :-) Sadly though I couldn't find a left and right motor and will have to flip one over and reverse the polarity to make one run.
I found the motors at a wreckers - Moonah Auto Salvage, and they are a pair of KF Ford Laser wiper motors, all rather greasy and muddy. If you had to pay for plastic bags, you would with these motors!! I need to clean them up at least a little before even testing them. In the photo I have already wiped them down a bit. Still, they were only $44 for the pair, so I shan't complain!


Skimma said...

Why not just reverse the polarity of the neutron flow? That should fix everything!

Izzy said...

Why didn't I think of that? It certainly worked for the Doctor! :-D