Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Background

It is over a year now since I committed myself to building a full-sized replica of K-9 from Dr.Who and it has been a slow process and a big learning curve for me. I have been reading up lots on robotics, materials, and also the history of K-9. I now have a large folio of material, together with some books, at home that helps guide me and I still don't have a dog to show for it. However, I do have a lot of parts and knowledge. I hope to put down some of what I have done so far here for people to access in the future if the want to build a K-9 too. I will also list how much things have been costing along the way... I know it will be scary in the end, but it will be a good thing for people to know if they want to get into a project like this one.

A major site that I have been visiting over this last year is The Doctor Who Prop Builder's Club, and a must for anyone to join if they want to start this project.

For the best plans of K-9 around:

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