Thursday, 21 June 2007

Acrylic Sheet

This week I have been hunting down for acrylic sheet (perspex or similar) for K-9's eye's and also side panel. So I needed a transparent red material (3mm/ 1/8") for the eyes, preferably a deep red, and a clear for the side panel. I tried looking on the online directory for where to go... I swear it is getting worse by the day to find something! Supposedly there was nothing in Tasmania that sold the material. This was suspicious to me. I tried just a general web search... Same thing. Instead I came across a couple of companies that sold to the public and I inquired tentatively how much would it be to get the stuff to Tasmania. The reply was...

"Minimum order: $50 + GST + Freight"

!!! I wasn't expecting it to be that much. On the forum they recommend to use a red acrylic clipboard. Unfortunately, the fashion is not for red but for fluro pink and orange, so that was out.

A friend of mine at work knows a lot of industrial type places recommended to me a local place, Eagle Plastics in North Hobart. In the evening, the same place was recommended by an art friend of mine. So today at lunch I drove through the icy streets of Hobart to get to the place and was rewarded by a very friendly man with just the right sort of acrylic sheet I was after. He even gave me advice on how to join two faces together. And the price... Only $10 for both the transparent red and clear! Just goes to show it is so much better to ask around and to shop locally :-)


Dave said...

Hi Izzy - thanks for the info on Eagle Plastics - just what I needed for supplies for my laser cutter/engraver!

Dave (Moonah).

Izzy said...

Hi Dave,

Glad I could help :-) Eagle Plastics are a fantastic little place, very friendly, even to people like me who after small purchases. Also good to keep work in Tassi!

Happy laser cutting/engraving!

Smiles, Izzy