Saturday, 5 November 2011

Referenece Images

Here are some more reference images of Matt Irvine's Hero prop I found in 2009 from a forum. They were uploaded at the time by Gaffzille. Matt can be seen in a number of images.


Jonathan said...

Just wondering if you can help me. I am trying to build a full size or close enough Replica of k.9 Mark 3. But the problem is I can not find any mesurements. Do you have any or know where I can get some.

Dinodelta said...

If you want the original BBC blueprints then find a copy of Doctor Who Weekly No.17 February 6th 1980. Looked last year and they were selling over here in England for £2.50. The BBC published the blueprints over the four centre pages. Everything except the K9 badge and VDU placement.

Izzy said...

Thank you for that reference Dinodelta. However, there are problems with the 1980 blue prints - they are not terribly accurate, especially with the head. The most accurate plans (which were derived off the actual Hero prop) are the Lespaceplie K-9 Plans, with the direct link here:
For the layouts we used the Lespaceplie plans as a base. The layouts are the easiest way to get building a K-9 and included detailed building instructions.
The 1980 plans yes are drawn by the BBC, but they were only drawn in a hurry after the prop was built.

Jonathan - you can either use the Lespaceplie plans to build your K-9 or better still download the layouts + instructions at

The Mark 3 is only really different to Mark 1 & 2 with the paint colour, number of eyes lens strips, bleached collar.

Mikayla Kirkhope said...

I am interested to know the concept behind your project but will not copy it. Can you give me an bit idea how to start since I really needed it on my thesis. Thanks!

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Claire Sage said...

Mat Irvine, BBC special effects legend, Doctor Who modeler, and prop creator, speaks of his work with K-9 from the Tom Baker era to the more recent series with David Tennent and the Sarah Jane Chronicles at Louisville, Kentucky's Wonderfest. 5-26-2012. Car entertainment System

Robert Davis said...

Tried to get to the lespaceplie site for the plans/pdf and it's gone and 'up for sale'. Anybody else have a link to decent measurements/plans?