Thursday, 19 May 2011

Desktop Patrolling K-9

I have come across this news and must share.  In September a desktop patrolling K-9 is due for release.  Here is some info on them:


Set K-9 loose on a flat surface and he'll navigate his way around. Anytime K-9 senses a nearby object, he'll say, "Access denies, recalculating route. If he happens to bump into something, he'll apologise and move on. With 3 settings (OFF, Master for male owners, Mistress for females), K-9 will defend you and your desktop by warning you with "Danger Master/Mistress" when going near an edge, then backing away, as well as warning you of any deadly Desktop Patrol Daleks that may be nearby, even going as far as engaging them in battle!

I am rather excited by the release.  It shouldn't be over priced too, with a current RRP of £11.99.

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