Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wheel Hubs

Trying to get a set of wheel hubs (Lynxmotion, HUB-02) has been a problem for me fot over three months now. If you go an try to do a direct purchase from the Lynxmotion website then for one tiny part they quote US$106.70 for shipping!!! Astronomical for a US$8.00 part! I tried to contact them directly not only to confirm if this shipping price is indeed correct, but also what the outer dimeter of the part as they did not list it any where on their site.

After several emails and no reply I tried looking for local distributors. After the third one I tried... I had success! And what service too! Not only did they have the item in stock, they could ship it right away, and at a reasonable AUD$6.50 postage. The hubs were AUD$10.40 (ex GST) a pair. Within days my parcel arrived. So if you are looking for Lynxmotion products or parts I seriously recommend going to the following chap:

Sedonia Technologies
34 Cyclamen Avenue,
Altona North, Vic, 3025
Phone: 04 1580 2157

2 pirs of Lynxmotion HUB-02 hubs (one pair is for another bot)

There is only a 0.5mm difference in the inner dimeter of the wheel (scooter wheel) and the outer dimeter of the hubs, so a little sanding will mean a perfect fit.

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