Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Comparison

These RS handles pictured here are now the closest match to the K-9 prop available now, or so I have found in my research. The original handles use to be sold as "Industrial Unit" handles by RS. The current ones available are very similar, but not quite the same. Sadly the RS websites no longer carry an image of the handles or additional data on them, which makes me wonder if they are reducing their stock. However, there is an image in their paper catalogue.

RS Australia

RS Stock No.: 221-320
Manufacturer's part number: MG.01.99.01
Page : 1 - 1632


Attribute TypeAttribute Value
External Length98mm
External Width12mm
External Height28mm

This is an image of the handle from the the TV prop of the rusty version of K-9. I am still hunting for a good image of an early version of the prop to post, but when I do I will add it too so you can see it. The front seems to be a bit flatter and squarer than the current RS handle, as if the face has been ground off slightly. Not sure what it is like in real life, if the angles are as sharp. It is one of the reasons why I went for the handle I did, it is angular like this one, but without the expense of the current RS handles ($AU28.20 plus shipping!). I know mine are a little more rounded internally but I don't think it will matter that much once painted. I hope!

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